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Where did the name Vishesh Dharshane come from?

Alan Wherry

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From: Ashish Pradhan <>

Date: Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 11:20 AM

Subject: Re: Marathi names

To: Alan Wherry <>

Nargol is indeed in Gujarat, not Maharashtra. Just across the state line but that is another matter. Do you want to use a Gujarati name in that case ? 

For a Marathi (i.e. whose mother tongue is Marathi) character, you could indeed choose the surname 'Nargolkar' (implying 'from Nargol'; it does exist by the way) but that might seem a bit to convenient. When we moved to UK in 2003 and got a place in Kew, Derek Lee had said ' Oh Ashish, so now you can be called 'Kewkar'....found that hilarious. 

My suggestion: Vishesh (special) Darshane (having a special vision / insight)....thought it might be meaningful if the said character actually has a 'darshan' of the Adishakti on the most important of days...too convenient ? :) 

I have always got a kick out of 'Dagad Trikon'...the name that is. have not read the book but have always wondered if many individuals realize that these are two absolutely Marathi sure you know what mean...

On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 10:41 AM, Alan Wherry <> wrote:

My goodness - when I googled it, Nargol appears to be in Gujerat, not Maharashtra!

On Apr 14, 2014, at 8:36 AM, Alan Wherry <> wrote:

> Just for fun, I've been writing a story about a boy born near Nargol, who saw Shri Mataji on the day She opened the Sahasrara. and what happened to him subsequently when he came to North America.

> I need a name for him, and am writing to ask if you can think of a name that would be recognized as coming from Maharashtra.

 I know that the roots of names are quite different - that many are either patronymics, or an indication of trade - I've found too, that whereas one does find the surname Balachandra in the far south of India, it's not found in Marathi.

> Can you think of a name that might work in this circumstance please?

> Hugs and best wishes

> Alan