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daisyamerica llc is a publishing house whose purpose is to help and nurture creative artists across all disciplines find the maximum audience for their work. It exists to publish and promote the work of artists whose work reflects core energy known as kundalini, paramchaitanya, rhu, ruach or in Christian terminology, the Holy Spirit. It is informed by the teachings of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the greatest spiritual personality, who gave en masse Self-realization spontaneously and effortlessly and whose mission was to emancipate the whole of humanity in preparation for the coming Age of Aquarius, the Age of Satya Yuga.

Richard's explanation of the title The Want for Wonders

Alan Wherry

September 13th 2014

Here is the best way I can explain the book — by explaining the title.


The Want for Wonders

That prince of paradox, G.K. Chesterton, famously said, "We are perishing for want of wonder, not for want of wonders." At first glance, it is puzzling, even confounding sentence. As its meaning is unravelling, it reveals layers of increasing hope, faith and unfettered optimism.

Hinging on the double meaning of two words, both "want" and "wonder," Chesterton is saying there is no lack of the fantastic in today's world if only we could choose to see it. But our biggest problem, the thing that is causing us to perish, is that we do not wonder. We are satisfied with the ordinary.

A new novel explores this idea. Taking its title from the Chesterton quote, The Want for Wonders tells the story of a man subtly driven by the desire to experience the fantastic. This isn't the search for meaning. This isn't the desire for deep truth. This quest is simply the need to be in the presence of greatness, the fantastic, the wonders that dwarf the mundane and bring us up to a new level of awareness.

It is the want that drives us.