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daisyamerica llc is a publishing house whose purpose is to help and nurture creative artists across all disciplines find the maximum audience for their work. It exists to publish and promote the work of artists whose work reflects core energy known as kundalini, paramchaitanya, rhu, ruach or in Christian terminology, the Holy Spirit. It is informed by the teachings of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the greatest spiritual personality, who gave en masse Self-realization spontaneously and effortlessly and whose mission was to emancipate the whole of humanity in preparation for the coming Age of Aquarius, the Age of Satya Yuga.

How to use Twitter to best effect

Alan Wherry

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December 18th 2014

Firstly, and forgive me if I cause offense, but before we connected on Twitter I had absolutely no idea who you were; but during our conversation you made some extraordinarily intelligent remarks and this caused an immense amount of intrigue to build in my mind. Following on from our conversation I decided to look further into your professional background and your achievements in the publishing world are simply outstanding. Forbes magazine described you as “the powerful and gregarious sales director at Penguin Books” – Has Keidi Keating had such magnificent acknowledgement during her working life? No she has not. 

That said, I think that although her content is absolutely dreadful, she does know how to build a following. But does this mean she knows how to increase the levels of interactivity on her account? The simple answer is no. She is one of thousands, if not millions of prolific tweeters who still fail to convert masses of followers into higher levels of interactivity and the fundamental reason for this is that they do not care who they follow, so long as the other Twitter user follows them back. Another failing of tweeters such as her is that they are tweeting on a far too regular basis and without realising, they are devaluing the power of their opinion. I.e. In reality, do you pay as much attention to someone who constantly talks as you would to someone who generally only pops up when they have something meaningful to say? Personally speaking I tend to get rather fed up if someone constantly dominates a conversation with meaningless spout, and given that Twitter is essentially one gigantic conversation, it is important to place emphasis on ‘quality over quantity’. Hence why I am attaining more ‘favourites’ and ‘re-tweets’ than the woman in question, even though she has 4x as many followers as I do. 

With regards to your own Twitter marketing campaign; I believe that due to your admirable modesty, you are losing out on a lot of followers. You have had a career which most professionals can only dream of having; yet when I go on your Twitter profile I have absolutely no idea about this. By undertaking a small amount of research into your career, it has become apparent to me that you are in a period of diversification; moving away from the corporate publishing industry towards your own ideals. From our conversations I can offer sincerity in saying that I feel privileged to have been able to speak with such an insightful person such as yourself; it was only due to my own research that I realised what a magnificent career you have had. In my opinion, you need to (if only for a short while) focus on your personal achievements in the publishing industry and post perhaps two or three thoughtful, witty and snappy tweets per day; rather than what others, such as Keidi Keating are doing. The reason for this is simple; when someone visits her profile, they see an enormous amount of tweets and generally ignore the vast amount of them; largely because they are virtually all the same. On my profile however, you can scroll down and see that I discuss a much wider spectrum of topics, and therefore people are interested. The problem is, because Twitter is saturated with the likes of Keidi, everyone has a full Twitter feed and your tweets will rarely be seen on the home page by other Twitter followers. Now then, how to build a following and improve interactivity? This part is simpler than most people imagine and if carried out efficiently it should only take up approximately ten minutes of your day. 

Okay, so firstly I would like you to go on this website ( and select the option of ‘Login via Twitter’. 

Once you have done this, various options will become available to you and once you have had some experience of using this website it will become incredibly easy to use. For now though, I would like you to select the option of ‘Follow Followers’ and once loaded, type in another Twitter user’s name (someone who has similar interests to yourself) – perhaps given that is your first time it would be sensible to use my Twitter name (@DamonHowick). 

Select ‘start following’ and this will bring you onto another screen.

Once you are on here, what I would suggest you do, is ‘sort’ the users based on when they did their last tweet (making sure that the user at the top is latest person to make a tweet). 

Once sorted, I would simply like you to simply select ‘follow’ on all of the users shown on this initial page – stopping once their last tweet is more than one day ago. 

Then simply go onto the next page and repeat this process until you are no longer allowed to follow any more users. Obviously this will mean that you are following a lot more people than are following you but this is fine, most of them will follow you back, and the next day those who have not followed you back, you will need to unfollow them – this is an extremely quick process. 

Simply go onto the ‘dashboard’ of the website, then select the option of ‘flush’ and unfollow absolutely everyone who does not follow you back; apart from those who you genuinely want to be following; these users will generally be on your last page.•    Simply repeat these processes on a daily basis and you will notice an extraordinary increase in not only the amount of followers you have, but also the amount people who are interacting with your page.

However, I feel that before you begin this process you will need to make some very slight alterations to your bio; placing further emphasis on your achievements in the publishing industry. I.e. Instead of merely stating ‘publisher’ I would suggest something like, ‘world-renowned publisher’ – simply because that is what you are. Although you are clearly an incredibly modest individual, unfortunately in the World of Twitter it seems that to be successful, you need to be somewhat egotistical within your bio – otherwise no-one will take notice. 

Any questions, please feel free to ask. 

Kind Regards, 

Damon Howick

Hi Damon - I never ever take offense, even when it's nasty, malevolent, vindictive and false. I refuse to be a puppet, dangling at the end of someone else's string. And, of course, I've had all of these. One of the things that growing up in my part of East Belfast prepared me for was the ability to deal with hostility, and I had a lot of practice, it was dealing with love that I found harder to handle, not having much of it in my childhood once I left the house.

You are quite right in what you say however. Humility often comes at a high price in this world, and a price I've always been willing to pay. For what matters most is what one thinks of oneself. I assure you that at the very time the material world thought highest of me, that was when I was at my most unhappy and depressed, truly a lost soul. The truth is I was depressed more or less, all the time from the age of 14 to 47. And I've never been depressed since, indeed, when I sense it coming, I know how to correct it, such is the power of Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

The achievements you refer to are as close to irrelevant, and meaningless to me as makes no difference. For I am no longer that person just as you are no longer the person you were aged ten. People hang on to their pasts, especially as they get older, possibly because there's a lot more of it than the future for them, I've never dwelt in the past nor in the future, neither exist in any reality, if you think about it, one is myth, the other a mental projection.

However I completely take your point on my profile and will act on the advice you so generously give here. 

I don't normally share these thoughts with anyone it seems they may be possibly of some value to you.

When I was a young salesman, working for Procter and Gamble, in south east London, the Old Kent Road area, some old Jewish wholesalers would take me on one side and teach me things that proved immensely valuable to me over the years, I asked one why he taught me and he said, "Because you listen, are willing to learn, most people aren't." And just recently I read a quote from Leonardo da Vinci, "Some can see, some can see when shown, some can't see."

By the way, If you're interested, I can tell you how to climb to the top of any hierarchy in a telephone call, I've always felt more comfortable at the top, than at the bottom and it's much more fun too.

Huge thanks