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daisyamerica llc is a publishing house whose purpose is to help and nurture creative artists across all disciplines find the maximum audience for their work. It exists to publish and promote the work of artists whose work reflects core energy known as kundalini, paramchaitanya, rhu, ruach or in Christian terminology, the Holy Spirit. It is informed by the teachings of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the greatest spiritual personality, who gave en masse Self-realization spontaneously and effortlessly and whose mission was to emancipate the whole of humanity in preparation for the coming Age of Aquarius, the Age of Satya Yuga.

Poetry Blog

Grass is Humble

Alan Wherry

Grass is humble, always grass.
So that we’d know it anywhere – 
Africa or Italy, walking
In and our of time.
Blink, and a century is gone.
The whole delicate web that makes
a world – intricate,
insistent as this pulse
inside my wrist – 
continues without effort.

There’s no weariness now,
no sense that I must shoulder guilt,
assume responsibility.
I have put down the world, grown lighter.
I have become ‘brightface’.
The spirit moves within,
and in and out of time:
this life, that one;
rich, poor,; speaking English
or a tongue I have never dreamed
my lips could find as familiar as fruit.

No matter where, or how, 
only the why:
that I should grow within,
the ‘I’ that is this humble spirit,
swift as grass, humble,
certain – everywhere grass,
under the bright and changeless sky.