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daisyamerica llc is a publishing house whose purpose is to help and nurture creative artists across all disciplines find the maximum audience for their work. It exists to publish and promote the work of artists whose work reflects core energy known as kundalini, paramchaitanya, rhu, ruach or in Christian terminology, the Holy Spirit. It is informed by the teachings of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the greatest spiritual personality, who gave en masse Self-realization spontaneously and effortlessly and whose mission was to emancipate the whole of humanity in preparation for the coming Age of Aquarius, the Age of Satya Yuga.

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What value our opinions?

Alan Wherry

This thing of vritti where our attention is prone to be dragged to - tends to make our opinions mostly predictable, therefore uninteresting, let alone true.

But more so, if we attain that detached witness state in the center Visshudhi, then by appearing to do nothing, it would seem we achieve a lot given the paramchaitanya works through enlightened attention and the results are infinitely better than any expression of opinion.