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daisyamerica llc is a publishing house whose purpose is to help and nurture creative artists across all disciplines find the maximum audience for their work. It exists to publish and promote the work of artists whose work reflects core energy known as kundalini, paramchaitanya, rhu, ruach or in Christian terminology, the Holy Spirit. It is informed by the teachings of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the greatest spiritual personality, who gave en masse Self-realization spontaneously and effortlessly and whose mission was to emancipate the whole of humanity in preparation for the coming Age of Aquarius, the Age of Satya Yuga.

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I Am the One Who Is

Alan Wherry

Grégoire de Kalbermatten

We have come here to rise and this afternoon we are going to celebrate Lord Buddha. So we have to ask ourselves, how will Buddha, Lord Buddha help us to rise? Lord Buddha is the manifestation of the Adi Ahamkarar, the Ego of God. What does it mean?

With us, the ego is something which keeps us limited, which keeps us in the shell of the egg. And for God, it’s something else. Shri Mataji said it is easier for an ant to understand the human civilization than for a human being to understand God. So what can we understand of the Ego of God? So we cannot understand, we only can imagine. Our ego is complete illusion, is complete fantasy, is complete mythology.

The Ego of God is the complete contrary, because it is the complete reality. Because He is the only one in this universe and beyond who can say, ”I am the one who is.” Je sues ce lui qui est. Now when this fantastic infinite being which is the Adi Ahamkarar, when it came into a human being, what did it do? He was seeking, he was seeking because Siddhartha Gautama (sakya muni) was a seeker to begin with. And Shri Mataji, when She started a program, She said, "I bow to seekers of truth.” She didn’t say, "I bow to seekers of joy”, She didn’t say, "I bow to seekers of consciousness.”

Because there is something about truth which is essential, because this is what brings us from illusion to reality: is to seek the truth. Now, you may say,"That’ s fine, but we are Sahaja Yogis, we found the truth, so seeking the truth is not really for us anymore.” But it is not so. 

“Am I a Sahaja Yogi? What is the truth?” You see, if we have a passion for truth, then we are not cheating when we give an answer to these questions. And the Ego of God who came to us as Buddha asks us for the courage to seek the truth, the courage to dare the truth, and what is our truth?

So... "Am I a Sahaja Yogi?” Yes... no. Yes and no: this is the Leela. I am a Sahaja Yogi when I am in thoughtless awareness beyond the Agnya and when I am not beyond the Agnya, I am a human being.

Shri Mataji explained to us how Buddha got his realization. As you know, first he was a prince. Then he was an ascetic, he went from the right side. And then when he was completely tired, sitting under the banyan tree, and when he gave up everything, then the Shakti gave him his realization, and then he became the Shakta, the Enlightened One.

The Goddess was his mother, Maya, but she died when he was born, because being the Ego of God, he had to do it alone. Because it’s when he let go of everything that he got the enlightenment.

So for us, what we need to learn from him is emptiness. When we are full with our thoughts, we are empty of reality. When we are emptied of our thoughts, we are filled with reality. So crossing the Agnya is just the last lock, and because it is the last lock, it is the most difficult one.

So, from the life of Buddha , we learn a couple of best practices. First of all, he used the qualities of the right side to come to the center. One quality of course during the ascetic period of his life was he mastered discipline, so we Sahaja Yogis, we need to be disciplined. I am not very good at it myself, I must confess, because it’s my wife who prepares my foot soak bowl. But you can be better than me.

The other thing that Buddha showed us is to achieve is emptiness. We must have a passion for our own truth. Before Sahaja Yoga we seek the truth. Once we have it, once we are in Sahaja Yoga, we have to keep this passion for truth, to achieve what we really are. Because the Ego of God is about his identity—“I am”. It is a movement of manifestation of this “I am”. And for us, this “I am” is above the Agnya. Because we are take the atma from the heart to the Sahasrara thanks to kundalini.

Buddha said the roots of all the problems is desire, because desire takes us in a wrong direction. But we are yogis, so we can use that power of desire to take us in the right direction. So today, as we celebrate Shri Buddha Puja, our true desire should be, “Mother, let me manifest my true identity—who am I?” Because in this Leela of the divine, we are and we are not, at the same time. So when She bows to the seekers of truth, we are still seekers of manifesting our own truth, because when we manifest our own truth, then we are children of God.

If you are the children of the king of Thailand, it is a big thing: you are surrounded with a lot of respect. You could behave with dignity. The emperor of China was the Son of Heaven, but also he behaved as the son of the earth. We are children of the earth, but we are called upon to behave as the sons and the daughters of the heavens. Let us desire this. Let use our ego to dare this! Let us be children of Adi Shakti, because She gave us the permission. Let us not cheat ourselves by pretending we are when we are not. Sometimes I am the child of Adi Shakti, sometimes I am the child of my own illusions, which are in my mind. So best practice in SY is introspection, complete sincerity. Because Shri Mataji explained that when the Adi Kundalini was awakened in Nargol, humanity was not ready for it. But she decided to do it, because otherwise evil would have taken over the world.

So Buddha got his realization, we got our realization. Is it the same? Yes and no. Because when Buddha got his realization, he was ready. When we got our realization, we were not ready. Our chakras were not fully cleaned, our nadis were not fully open. So this is why we have some work to do after realization, not like Buddha.

So, are we the same as human beings? No, because human beings cannot do it; we can. They cannot transform without kundalini jagruti; we can transform because we got kundalini jagruti.

So, what we need now is passion: passion for our own truth, and passion for manifesting our own identity. And this means vertical yoga, this means going into our depth, this means developing the roots. Because if the tree pushes up the branches but doesn’t delevop the roots and the wind comes, the tree will fall.

And this happened in SY: many leaders that you see on the old pictures, walking next to Shri Mataji, they are no longer here. Because how are we going to spread SY if we are not yogis?How are we going to manifest the energy of love if in our daily life, we don’t love?

So introspection. We have the power to transform. It does not mean that we are using this power. The life of Buddha is here for us that we dare to use that power of transformation. And for us it is easier, because before Shri Mataji, the most that people could say would be "I am”, but with the advent of Maitreya, sakshat Shri Kalki, not only we can say, "I am”, but we can say, "We are,“ because when we are together, we know the power rises.

So this afternoon, we are having a puja for Shri Buddha, so let us pray to him that he blesses us that that we can cross the Agnya chakra to manifest our true identity.

In the same way that people have a true identity, countries also have a true identity. So for instance, Thailand is a country with a sense for grace and beauty. And by spiritually awakening the country, the Thai Sahaja Yogis are actually patriotic because they are manifesting these deeper subtler qualities of their country.

So, what are the deeper subtler qualities of China? We have two countries for the Agnya, two mighty, powerful countries: Russia, the sons of Luv, and China, the sons of Kush. If these countries don’t help us through the Agnya, we will go back to the 20th century. And you know the history of the 20th century? We had two world wars. Wars start with human stupidity and end in human misery. And wars always start in the egos of the leaders, nowhere else.

So for China, what are the deeper qualities of China so that China can help the world into Sahaja Yoga? There are three people who have fashioned the subtler identity of China. One is Lao-tse, one is Confucious, one is Buddha. Lao-tse is an incarnation of the Adi Guru who spoke about the leela, the leela of the guna, the play of the tunas. And Confucious spoke about balance, equilibrium and harmony in the governance of man. Because the play of the leela should end up in harmony, action-reaction-synthesis, and synthesis should be the harmony. And harmony is on the middle path. China is the empire of the middle, it is the middle path, it is Shri Vishnu’s path.

For instance, Mao Zedong, was a Taoist because he understood the play of the leela, action-reaction, but because the understanding was mental, he understood the play, but he could not play the play. Because if you understand divine law with a mental it’s very dangerous, we need to understand divine law from the Sahasrara. So Mao Zedong thought that the communist party was a state of harmony, and equilibrium, but you know it was not; so still China is looking to reconcile contradiction between a communist system and a capitalist economy. But the genius of China, because of Lao-tse, because of Confucious, and because of Buddha, the genius of China is to achieve balance on the middle path. This is the genius of China. And Chinese Sahaja Yogis are also patriotic, because they open the middle path. And Shri Mataji always saw this great potential of China, as She saw the beauty of Thailand, as She saw the greatness of America.

So we should, as children of God, we should dare to dream our dreams. We should dream that we can bring the kingdom of heaven on this earth, because this is our identity. This is what we are born for. Everything else, we are going to be blessed and protected, but we should first of all realize this dream by transforming ourselves. And this is what we are going to ask Shri Buddha during the puja, that we can transform to manifest our identity of children of God.

It's a big vision, because before, only the emperor was the Son of Heaven, and now we all are sons and daughters of heaven. So let us desire to be that, let us dare to be that. And let us introspect so that we don’t cheat ourselves. Then everything will be fine!

I think this is a good conclusion now.

Jai Shri Mataji

Thailand 2014