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Fooled and not healed - health and related issues

Alan Wherry


I wouldn't say my doctor is other than a kind, well-intentioned man but when I last saw him, he made his displeasure with me abundantly clear. For ten years, my blood sugar is close to diabetic, I was overweight, and my bad cholesterol was too high, my good cholesterol too low.

Before the latest bloodwork results he said I had a 33% chance of a stroke or a heart attack in the next ten years. according to the statistics on his computer screen and it should be 10% if all the numbers are in line with what he says they should be.

He accused me not taking any notice of his advice - patently wrong. He has told me:

a) to lose weight and since then, I have gone from 197 lbs to 158 lbs.

b) to take vigorous exercise and since January 2014 I have been training five days a week at a boxing gym - not hitting anyone or being hit, but doing the training.

c) to take prescription statins. This I did, but the results were such that I had no energy or focus, felt ghastly and in fact, in 2014, I have been unable to work for a solid three months because of the side-effects of taking them, statins, that he kept changing until he prescribed some that he said had minimal side effects - but not on me, for I felt as bad on them as I did on the others ones he'd prescribed.

I have explained to him that, for example, if I go into a restaurant where people are drinking at my table, without me drinking alcohol at all, I will suffer from a hangover the next day. So the effects of statins on me, are what they are, the research data that he has such faith in, doesn't apply to me.

He says that he's not interested in anything that isn't properly evaluated and tested under the strictest scientific conditions. So meditation, for example, is off his radar of possibilities, as is homeopathy, supplements of all kinds.

I told him about my son Jake's mother in law, Professor Jane Plant, a geologist at Imperial College London. She was diagnosed with terminal inoperable cancer ten years ago and is still alive today, because she noticed that in China, where she'd worked, and Japan too, breast cancer is almost unknown in women and testicular cancer in men. She connected this to the fact that they don't eat dairy products in those countries and our dairy animals are fed hormones, antibiotics, and corn, that they'd vomit where it not for the concoctions of drugs that are fed them. His answer? As a doctor, he wouldn't pontificate on geology.

I am being treated by Sue Donnelly of London. She's a naturopath and what she says makes more sense to me than what my doctor says. She says that I should eat only organic food, lots of vegetables, no dairy, only grass fed, organic meat, v little carbohydrates and she's treating me with the supplements so scorned by my doctor.

HIs blood tests say my liver is fine, her tests and gut instinct says it isn't. She says his medical tests only examine a few liver functions but there are many others that aren't being tested for, and that it's in these other areas that my problems lie.

Common sense says she's right. Medical costs in the USA are absurdly high, the costs of prescription drugs, a rip off - you only have to cross the border to Canada to buy the same drugs at a fraction of the price. 

The problems of the American diet are obvious - obesity, too much sugar in the diet, factory made foods full of stuff that doesn't have to be in it, industrially produced meat in a manner that's a sin against God, and macro agriculture that's exhausted the earth of nutrients and minerals. 

What does my doctor have to say about this? Nothing. Why not?

Why does he want me to take statins for the rest of my life when they render my life not worth living? He concedes that there is an alternative, a diet by Dr. Dean Ornish, which works but he says not one of his patients has successfully stuck to it.

But I'm sticking to the diet prescribed by Sue Donnelly in the UK along with the supplements, my doctor poo-poos without even asking what they are.

Under Sue Donnelly, my blood sugar which has been around 6.7 - 6.9 for many years (diabetic is more than 7, pre-diabetic is between 6 and 7) is now down to 6.11. Let's see what another three months of following her does.

By the way, she doesn't accept the limits that doctors say is OK for cholesterol, but that's another matter.