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daisyamerica llc is a publishing house whose purpose is to help and nurture creative artists across all disciplines find the maximum audience for their work. It exists to publish and promote the work of artists whose work reflects core energy known as kundalini, paramchaitanya, rhu, ruach or in Christian terminology, the Holy Spirit. It is informed by the teachings of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the greatest spiritual personality, who gave en masse Self-realization spontaneously and effortlessly and whose mission was to emancipate the whole of humanity in preparation for the coming Age of Aquarius, the Age of Satya Yuga.

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Five Auspicious Days of Diwali

Alan Wherry

courtesy of Tim Bruce, UK.

The Festival of Light will very soon be with us again, when we celebrate the enlightenment of human beings through Kundalini awakening and Self-realization, and the joy of God's love.


2014 dates

Day 1 (Tuesday 21 October) – Dhanteras

The first day is the Shri Gruha Lakshmi day, the actual birthday of Shri Lakshmi, so on this is the day it is considered auspicious to offer a household item as a present to the housewife who is the Gruha Lakshmi of the household. The first day is also the birthday of Shri Dhanvantari, the Divine Healer (aspect of Shri Vishnu), who, like Shri Lakshmi Herself, arose from the churning of the ocean. The photo of Shri Mataji in this aspect is said to cure all ills.


Because Vishnu is the one who is, the one who cures. We call Him a Dhanvantari - means a doctor. He is the one who cures because He is our preserver; He is the preserver of human beings. So if He preserve your dharma, then you don't get sick. And if you get sick, it is Vishnu who will preserve, who will cure you. So He is the one who is, we can call, Dhanvantari - is a doctor.” Shri Mataji, Shri Vishnu puja, Paris, 13 July 1994.

Incidentally, according to William Blake, this aspect manifests in the UK in the City of Bath: “Bath, mild Physician of Eternity, mysterious power -Whose springs are unsearchable & knowledge infinite.” ('Jerusalem', Plate 46, lines 2-3)

Day 2 (Wednesday 22 October) – Naraka Chaturdashi

The day when, according to Shri Mataji, the Goddess gave Her power to Shri Kartikeya to kill Narakasura (see Diwali puja 1989). UK & Eire are particularly affected by this negative aspect, that attacks the heart and creates conflict, division and disharmony. Hell's gate is open in the early hours of morning (the real Halloween) when Narakasura is pushed into Hell, so it's advisable to sleep relatively late (ie: not to meditate at 4am or get up early to eat Diwali sweets!), get up after sunrise and also leave a lamp burning safely overnight from evening. Shri Mataji also advised us that this was the only time that Sahaja Yogis should fast, saying that we should not eat before about midday/12.30pm until Narakasura's influence has dispersed.

Day 3 (Thursday 23 October) – Diwali/Shri Lakshmi puja


Today we perform puja to Shri Lakshmi/Shri Mahalakshmi and invite the Goddess into our homes with lights. This is the auspicious day of Diwali, the Diwali Amavasya, the darkest night of the year - symbolising the victory of Light over darkness.

This is the day of Mahalakshmi Puja, not only of Lakshmi Puja” Shri Mataji, Diwali puja, 9 Nov 1980.

Today is the actual Christmas Eve, as at midnight on this the darkest night, Shri Jesus Christ was born as Shri Mahavishnu (Mahaganesha) to Shri Mary who was Shri Mahalakshmi.

Day 4 (Friday 24 October) – Diwali Padwa

This day is one of the 3-and-a-half most auspicious days of the year. Today is the true birthday of Lord Jesus Christ, the incarnation of Shri Ganesha, the actual Christmas Day. Shri Rama was crowned on this day after defeating Ravana. It's New Year's day in the Hindu Vikram calendar, (but note that the Shalivahana New Year for Sahaja Yogis is Gudi Padwa - around late March/April). A very auspicious day to begin new things.

Day 5 (Saturday 25 October) – Bhaiduj

Celebration of the brother and sister relationship.

Shri Mataji talks about all the details of the five days of Diwali in a talk after Her main speech about 39 minutes into the DVD of Diwali 1983 in Hampstead:
"Now today we'll not have any havan, that we have decided because in the Diwali there is no need to have any havan but we'll have just the puja. Now today is the puja - as you know there are five days they celebrate Diwali. The first day is the thirteenth day where it is the Gruha Laksmi's day, that is the day when the Gruha Laksmi is worshipped. But a Gruha Lakshmi has to be worthy of the worship, and then some utensil is given to the Gruha Lakshmi. Some sort of a utensil is to be given to the Gruha Lakshmi as a present. That is the day Lakshmi was born, Lakshmi was born out of the Mother Earth. Out of the, we should say, Mother Earth but She came out of the sea after the churning, so that is the birth of the Lakshmi. She's the giver of wealth, wealth which is material as well as spiritual. A wife who says that: "All right you save all the money," teaches the children to be selfish and teaches the husband to be selfish, to save all the money in the bank and not to be charitable is not a Lakshmi. She's the One who teaches you how to be charitable, how to give to others. A woman who is very particular about her money and bank balances is not a Lakshmi at all. She has to spend. She's there to spend. Man has to preserve his money but the woman has to spend. He has to earn for she has to spend, but rightly, spend it rightly, not only for herself but for the family, but for the husband. She thinks: "What should I buy for my husband, for my children, for other Sahaja Yogis, for other people?" - all her job. The husband earns and gives it to her and she does that. It's a very sweet distribution I think. So that's the day of the Gruha Lakshmi when She's born. She must have these qualities, if she's a miserly, calculating type of a woman she is not a woman at all to begin with. If she's worried about her own clothes and her own comforts and her own things then she's not a Gruha Lakshmi. She makes others work and sits down herself and orders about - she's not a Gruha Lakshmi at all. She has to work for others, she has to do for others, she has to look after. That's the thirteenth day. Then the fourteenth day is the day when Narakasura was killed. You know Narakasura has taken his birth and he's to be killed - the Sahaja Yogis are going to kill him. You have to come up to a point and definitely he can be killed. When Kartikeya is awakened within you he can be killed. But for that you have to be just like gold, untarnishable. You need strong people to do that. A sword that can kill him has to come out of your metals, then Narakasura can be killed. He is one of the worst possible asura. That is the fourteenth day. When he was killed the gate of hell was opened and all those who were his disciples or his followers or satanic people were put. That's the only day you can sleep late, and a good news for you. Then the fifteenth day, is the darkest night which we had, darkest night, that is the night when you put the lights on because it is the darkest night the negative forces can walk in. So the lights are put because Lakshmi can come in. You'll be surprised how Lakshmiji is, that if a bottle of wine enters from one end. She disappears from another. If there's a lady, she's bhootish in the family, they can never have the enjoyment of Lakshmi. The Lakshmiji runs away from them. They may have money but they cannot enjoy. The Lakshmiji will run away. Such a person will be so inauspicious I tell you. Supposing you want to, say, buy something and such a bhootish person telephones to you- cannot get it, finished. First of all your ears will be finished with the poison and then whatever work you are doing you'll never be successful. Now this country is so full of such bhootish women - alakshmis, that I don't know how will they become all right. The women have to decide to get rid of their bhoots and not to carry on with them. They must meditate, they must try, if they feel sleepy they must go and have a bath, go twice, thrice, sometimes burning yourself a little bit, doesn't matter. See to it that you don't feel sleepy and dreamy. If you are dreamy by nature then you are bhootish. That's the responsibility of women to keep the Lakshmi intact. So that's the Lakshmi Day when we say that Lakshmi Puja takes place because that is the day you invite the Lakshmi to come in, the Rajalakshmi, the Lakshmi by which you become the king of the family, or the royal benevolence you can call it, the regal feeling in the family - that is the day. Then comes the day, next to that is the first of the month in... That is the calendar, My forefathers, because you're all My children you have to use the same calendar, Shalivahanas calendar and that is the first day of the Shalivahanas calendar. And what do they do in the morning time to celebrate it? They take one of these jars, Aquarius and put a shawl with it and that is put as a flag, representing the Aquarius and the shawl of the Mother. That's why they are called as Shalivahana - the ones who carry the shawls of the Mother, the "carriers of the shawls of the Mother". That's how they put it up. The shawl on top of the Aquarius. This should be actually the flag of the Sahaja Yogis that you make it the Aquarius or we can say the jar [- what do you call that pitcher? Or not pitcher but this lota business what do you call that - there's nothing used like that here. That one is kumbha - we can call in kumbha and the shawl is there so they put it up. That's why they] (FV note: The section between square brackets was not found on either my audio tape or mp3 file, and hence could not be verified.) call as Gudi Padwa, Padwa means first day of the moon is Padwa, and Gudi means "this". So they put it up and that is how they say that today is the New Year day for the Shalivahanas. Shawl is the covering of your Mother which gives it warmth and also it covers Her modesty. Shawl is a sign of regality and modesty and chastity. So you stand for that of your Mother. You protect it like Ganesha does. Only on one point He gets angry, if anybody says or does anything against the Mother, then He comes down. That's why Christ has said: "Anything against Me I'll tolerate, but anything against the Holy Ghost, will not be forgiven." That's the Son talking about the Mother, that's what happens. So today is the second day. Second day is the Bija - is the they call it the Bhav-bija is the day when the brother and the sister, who are the seeds of one tree have that pure exchange of affection. The sister does the aarti of the brother, gives him a tika and then brother gives her something as a token of his love, as a present. In Bombay we started that and they have made sisters and brothers. I wish you also could find out somebody as a nice brother. But I found that these relationships have been so beautifully managed in India that if they could be managed here, it will be a great day of really ecstasy for Me, because that means you have overcome this devil of immorality. The purity, removing the lust and greed from your mind completely and bestowing that affection for someone who is your sister. Very common in India, everybody has a sister there; all the Sahaja Yogis have a sister and they look after their sister that way. Is a very sweet feeling and a sister is treated – like Raulbai is a sister of Dumas you can imagine, and her sister is treated with the same grace as the own sister is to be treated with all the relationships and everything. So this is the fifth day is Dwija. So from thirteenth to the fifth day they celebrate Diwali. For us Diwali has a very great significance. That is, from one light many lights are awakened and they are put in a line, so they are called as Diwali – means 'the lights put in a line'. So when you hold My Hands together all of us - through that the energy passes and the enlightened rasa is established, and the whole world has to become that beautiful reign of your Mother where nothing but the bliss of your Father and His enjoyment when He sees His Own Creation dancing in that Ocean of Bliss.

May God bless you!" Diwali puja 1983.

Diwali puja, 9 Nov 1980:
“ The first day of Diwali is called as “Dhanatrayodashi,” is the thirteenth day of the moon. Because that day is the first day when Lakshmi, the first... was born on the thirteenth day. That means She was born as a Gruha Lakshmi, as a housewife. Now there are eight Lakshmis, which she will read it now and I will tell you later on what is the meaning of them. Just one of them is Gruha Lakshmi. So the first is the form of a Gruha Lakshmi. She is born as a Gruha Lakshmi to begin with. That means the awareness of human beings also, started really getting into evolutionary process when they started their family life. When they were vagabonds moving about, then the awareness was just like animals. Though they had become human beings, but they were like animals. Then when they established their families, then the Gruha Lakshmi started working and thatʼs how the first advent of Gruha Lakshmi was felt. So She is the first Lakshmi who was born, and thatʼs why on that thirteenth day is the day of the Gruha Lakshmi, of the housewife. And so one has to go in the market and buy some utensil or something that she uses for cooking in the house. In India on the thirteenth day everyone goes and buys a pot or say... we can say, what you call, a cooking utensil or something. Or they may buy a sari or something or gold or something for the Gruha Lakshmi. That is the day of the housewife. So, to reach the Lakshmi one has to understand that motherhood is very important. The motherhood as a Gruha Lakshmi
is important.”

Diwali puja 1980.

1989-10-29: Diwali Puja, Montacatini Terme, Italy
"Then there is, the second day is where Narakasura was killed. Now Narakasura was the one who was the devil from the hell, letʼs say? very cunning, very clever? and he was killed by the Goddess. Actually he was killed by a, another incarnation, Kartikeya, but Goddess gave Him the power to kill. So when he was killed it was celebrated because the evil was killed. But we donʼt find that these days the evil people are getting peace awards. So what is the reason for this kind of a perverted brain? How is it they are using perversion? Just the opposite of it. What has worked out these things? So again we find the same so-called freedom to become also evil. So we have freedom to become evil. First of all we have freedom not to be benevolent, and secondly to become evil we have freedom. So the Narakasura within us must be killed, the one which teaches us evil, to do evil to others. If you are busy doing evil to others you can never enjoy. Because you enjoy doing evil to others. So that has to be faced within ourselves, not in other people. Itʼs very easy to say that this Sahaja yogi is caught up, that Sahaja yogi is like that, but very difficult to say, “Mother, I am caught up. I have got this problem within myself.” So when you start seeing yourself your heart opens out. Unless and until you learn how to open out your heart how can you enjoy? Open your heart. Many people live on very superficial level. All right, some of them might say that, “I am possessed, Mother. Iʼve got this possession.” Why? “Iʼve got this conditioning, that conditioning.” But why? You donʼt want to enjoy. So watch yourself, see for yourself. This is my conditioning, “All right, Iʼll
put you right.” See in the mirror. Tell yourself, “This kind of a useless conditioning Iʼve got it from where? Because Iʼm Indian, because Iʼm French, because of English.” Open the heart. And opening the heart is only possible if Narakasura sitting on your heart is killed, finished, once for all." 

Ashta Lakshmi Stotram (By Shri Adi Shankaracharya)

A praise of eight aspects of the Great Goddess of prosperity and spiritual evolution.

1. Sumanas vandita sundari mdhavi, chandra sahodari hema-maye,

Praised by the virtuous, O Beautiful Mother Earth, Golden sister of the moon,

Sunigana mandita moksha-pradyin, manjula bhshinveda-nute,

Adorned with all good qualities, You give liberation, have beautiful speech and all Knowledge,

Pañkaja-vsindeva-supjita, sadguna varshini snti-yute,

Dwelling in a lotus and worshipped by the Gods, You shower good qualities O Joyful Goddess,

Jay jay he Madhu-sdana kmin, di-lakshmi sadplaya-mm.

Victory to the Killer of the demon Madhu, O, Ever-loving Primordial Goddess, protect me always.

2. Ayi-kali kalmasha nāśhinkmin, vaidika rpinveda-maye,

You come in this Kali Yuga to remove darkness, O loving Goddess in the Form of Sacred Knowledge,

Kshra samud-bhava mañgala rpin, mantra nivsinmantra-nute,

O Auspicious Form who arose from the Ocean of milk, You reside in the mantras that praise You,

Mañgala dyinambuja-vsin, deva-Gana-asrita pda-yute,

You give auspiciousness and abide in a lotus, the Gods and Gan$as take refuge at your Feet, Jay jay he Madhu-sdana kmin, Dhanya-lakshmi sadplaya-mm.

Victory to the Killer of Madhu,O Ever-loving Goddess who gives happiness, protect me always.

3. Jaya-vara varninvaishnavi bhrgavi, mantra svarpinmantra-maye,

Highest victory to You O Shakti of ShrVis$hn$u of shining colours, You are the Form of all mantras, Sura Gana pjita hghra phala prada, gñyna viksinī śhstra-nute,

Gods and Gan$as worship You to speedily fulfil their desires, O, Knowledge of all sacred literature, Bhava-bhaya hrinppa-vimochani, sdhu-jin-srita pda-yute,

You remove all anxiety and wickedness, the virtuous take refuge at Your Feet,

Jay jay he Madhu-sdana kmin, Dhairya-lakshmi sadplaya-mm.

Victory to the Killer of Madhu, the loving Goddess who gives courage, protect me always,


4. Jay jay durgati nāśhinkmin, sarva phala prada hstra-maye,

Victory to the ever-loving Destroyer of our miseries, Giver of all fruits and knowledge,

Ratha-gaja-turaga padti sam-vrita, parijana mandita loka-nute,

Chariots, elephants, horses and servants surround You, and you are worshipped by the world,

Hari-hara Brahma supjita sevita, tpa nivrinpda-yute,

Shri Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma serve in Your Pja, affliction is warded off by Your Lotus Feet,

Jay jay he Madhu-sdana kmin, Gaja-lakshmi rpena playa-mm.

Victory to the Destroyer of Madhu, O Ever-loving Goddess who rides an elephant, protect me,

5. Ayi-khaga vahinmohinchakrin, rga vivardhingñyna maye,

Hail Thou, riding on Shri Garuda, beautiful, wielding a discus, devoid of passion, full of wisdom,

Guna-Gana vradhi loka hitaishin, swara-sapta bhshita gna-nute,

You are in the highest meditation, O Well-being of the world, who is praised with the seven notes.

Sakala sursura deva muni swara manava vandita pada-yute,

In reverend voices the Gods, demons, sages and humans worship at Your Lotus Feet.

Jay jay he madhu-sdana kmin, Santna-lakshmi sadplaya-mm.

Victory to the Killer of Madhu, O, Ever-loving Goddess who gives offspring, protect me always.

6. Jaya kamal-sinsatgati-dyin, gñyna viksingna-maye,

Jay Lotus-seated Giver of happiness, You give the blossoming of knowledge and sacred songs,

Anudinam-archita kumkama chandana, bhshita vsita vdya-nute,

Worshipped every day, decorated with scented kum-kum and sandalwood and praised with music

Kanaka dharstuti vaibhava vandita, hankara desika mnya-pade,

Wearing gold, praised with verses in Your glory, Lord Shiva is to be found at Your venerable Feet

Jay jay he madhu-sdana kmin, Vijaya-lakshmi sadplaya-mm.

O, Destroyer of the demon Madhu, O Ever-loving Goddess who gives victory, protect me always.

7. Pranata surehwari bhrati bhargav, hoka vinsinratna-maye,

Reverence to the Supreme Goddess of radiant eloquence, O, jewel-like Remover of anguish

Manimaye bhshita karna vibhshana, hnti samvrata hsya-mukhe,

Richly adorned with jewels and earrings, Your smiling face bestows peace.

Navavidhi dyinkalimala hrin, kmita phala prada hasta-yute,

You give the nine forms of devotion and remove impurities, Your hands fulfil all our desires,

Jay jay he madhu-sdana kmin, Vidy-lakshmi sadplaya-mm.

O, Destroyer of the demon Madhu, ever-loving Goddess who gives knowledge, protect me always.

hrNirmalDev, sadplaya-mm.

8. Dhimi dhimi dhindhima dhindhima dhindhima, Dundubhi nda suprna-maye,

You are well satisfied with the sound of loud drums,

Dhuma dhuma dhumdhuma dhumdhuma dhumdhuma, hamkhani-nda suvdya-nute,

You are worshipped with the loud blowing of conches and beautiful singing,

Deva purnoti-hsa supjita, vaidika mrga pradarsa-yute,

The Gods smilingly worship You according to the way proscribed in the Vedas and Puranas.

Jay jay he madhu-sdana kmin, Dhana-lakshmi sadplaya-mm.

O, Destroyer of the demon Madhu, ever-loving Goddess who gives wealth, protect me always.

hrNirmalDevi, sadplaya-mm.

Shri Mataji, please protect me always.